TWO MEN who robbed a Farnworth supermarket have each been jailed for four years after a jury took just over an hour to convict them.

During a six day trial Shahzad Khan and Mohammed Sheikh denied robbing the Asda store, pulling a knife on a security guard and have-a-go hero shopper after they were caught stealing perfume.

Despite being caught on CCTV footage Khan, aged 43, of Campbell Court, insisted he had not been there.

The jury at Bolton Crown Court had heard how the pair were tackled outside the Brackley Street store and, during the scuffle Sheikh was heard to tell his accomplice: “F*** it, get the knife”.

A jury at Bolton Crown Court was told that Khan pulled a flick knife from his pocket, but fumbled to open it.

Sheikh, aged 54, of Cawdor Street, Farnworth admitted he was at the store but denied robbery although he pleaded guilty to theft from the supermarket on a different day.

Iain Simkin, prosecuting, told the jury how security guard Rhys Wilson was on duty at Asda on October 23, 2018, at 7pm and watching CCTV when he noticed a man filling a shopping basket with items from the beauty aisle before he tried to walk out of the store.

When challenged, Sheikh said he was going to pay for the goods and walked back around the fruit and veg aisles.

In the meantime Mr Wilson was approached by Khan.

“He said he had previously been banned from Asda and could I get the manager so he could speak to him,” said Mr Wilson.

“I formed the view that he was trying to distract me because as soon as the other man had left the store he stopped mid-sentence and walked away.”

But the thieves did not count on a shopper near the front door who, along with Mr Wilson, chased the pair.

Perfume bottles fell from a carrier bag as it split in a scuffle near the trolley bay.

“There was a bit of a tussle,” said Mr Wilson who added that, as Sheikh headed towards the customer he shouted to his accomplice, “F*** it, get the knife”.

Mr Wilson added: “The customer and me started to approach the short man to ask for the items back when he produced the knife from his pocket.

“He struggled to get the blade from the handle. He demanded the items we had and he eventually backed off and left.” The pair got away with just two bottle of perfume, worth £80.

The court heard that Sheikh and Khan were seen in the store again a few days later on November 8 during which Sheikh stole more goods.

Following the verdicts, Judge Timothy Stead immediately sentenced each of the defendants to four years in prison.