DRUG dealing, burglaries and speeding are high concerns in Bolton, residents have said.

Drug and drink driving and car thefts are also among people's worries in the borough.

Inhaling laughing gas and begging have been singled out by residents too.

The Bolton News asked members of its Bolton Crime & Court Facebook group "what crimes are concerning you most in Bolton at the moment?"

And dozens of members responded with their thoughts.

Drug dealing was mentioned by many who joined in with the online conversation.

Some linked this crime with speeding.

In response to the question, one reader posted: "The dealers driving around at night are ruthless on the roads like they're in a lawless town."

While another person answered: "Blatant drug dealing everywhere, directly related to dealers driving at breakneck speeds around Bolton till the early hours."

One resident replied: "Drug dealing and drivers speeding while under the influence of alcohol/illegal drugs."

A fourth reader added: "Idiots speeding, no concern for pedestrians or other road users."

"Dangerous driving and burglary is rife," another resident said.

Begging is an issue that was raised by a number of residents on the group.

Following a raft of complaints from residents and supermarkets recently, beggars have been banned from operating in Astley Bridge.

Signs have been placed in the area prohibiting people from “placing themselves in a position to beg or solicit money”, targeted at the main shops and supermarkets there, namely Asda and Lidl, and on the junction of Blackburn Road, Crompton Way and Moss Bank Way.

Astley Bridge councillors Hilary Fairclough and John Walsh believe begging may have increased in areas such as Astley Bridge due to a public space protection order (PSPO) in Bolton town centre, which allow police to move on beggars.

On the topic of begging, one reader said: "It's illegal, it brings down the tone of the area, (and is) on every major road into the town centre."

Another added: "Begging, it’s getting worse. It’s intimidating."

People not following the coronavirus restrictions was also mentioned.

Bolton has the highest covid-19 infection rate in the country and tight restrictions have been introduced to help stop the spread of the virus.

Greater Manchester Police's Bolton division has set up a "covid cell" in efforts to enforce the rules.

Drug dealing and speeding hotspots regularly feature in the paper when residents get in touch to air their fears.

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