A BOLTON-based campaign group says education is the key to tackling violence after figures released this week showed Royal Bolton Hospital is treating around three victims of assault a week.

NHS figures show doctors at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust saw 150 patients who had been admitted to hospital after being assaulted in 2019-20 – an average of almost three patients every week.

They were among 5,470 assault victims recorded across the North West.

The figures – which are rounded to the nearest five – count each period a patient spends under one consultant’s care, so someone could be captured more than once.

Daniel Sukula works with Greater Manchester Police to raise awareness of the devastating consequences of violence, especially knife-related, among young people.

He visits schools and works with youth offending teams believing that raising awareness about the consequences of violence at a young age can change the way young people go on to deal with issues.

Daniel, started the campaign as part of his work with young people to inspire them to achieve their goals through his Be the Best CIC after a close friend of his died at the age of just 23-years-old after being stabbed.

He said:”On Sunday I heard an 18-year-old had been stabbed and spent two nights in hospital.

“The problem is violence is being used to gain, what the young think is respect and it is not always reported to the police.

“I visit schools to explain to them about the consequences of knife crime on both families, the person who did it will have to live with it for the rest of their lives and a family has lost somebody ­— and tell them the bigger person is the one who walks away.

“The feedback I have had from headteachers has been very positive and if you teach them young it does stay with them. When I worked with youth offending teams I am told the behaviour of young people does change.”

He said it is often minor issues which lead to a violent attack.

In the near future Daniel is to make a film with the police to educate people about knife crime.

“I want young people to think twice about picking up a knife and after the workshops and for me the most important thing is to save another life.”

Across England, 28,905 assault admissions were recorded, with 29,483 episodes of consultant care between them.

Local breakdowns on the type of assault are not available, but nationally assault by bodily force was the most common cause, followed by knife and sharp object attacks.