A boarding school has been given a warning that it could be closed if does not respond to serious concerns raised at a recent inspection.

The Al Jamiatul Islamiyah school, Mount St Joseph’s Convent, Willows Lane in Deane was found to have ‘serious regulatory failings’ when inspectors visited in February.

The school has 242 students with 127 of them boarders and 27 in its sixth form

During the previous inspection inspectors found that ‘the school does not meet the following national minimum standards for boarding schools’.

Those issues included that it did not ‘implement effective, appropriate policies for the care of boarders who are unwell and ensures that the physical and mental health, and emotional wellbeing of boarders is promoted’.

Other areas where the school did not meet the standards included that ‘school’s leadership and management consistently fulfil their responsibilities’ and that ‘staff supervising boarders outside teaching time are sufficient in number, training and experience for the age, number and needs of boarders’.

In a letter dated September 11, Jacquie Stobbs-Mutton, from the independent education and boarding team at Ofsted said that the body required an action plan to be submitted by early next month and implemented by December

or it ‘may remove the school from the register of independent schools’.

The letter states: ” I enclose a notice, served by the secretary of state for education requiring an action plan which details the steps that will be taken to meet all of the standards set out and the time by which each step will be taken, to be submitted by October 11, 2020.

“You are reminded that the independent school standards require that a copy of the inspection report is sent to parents and a copy is published on the school’s website .

“This will be checked at the next inspection.

“The action plan must contain reasonable timescales for implementation within which the necessary action will be taken.”

The notice goes on to say what may happen if the deadline is not met

It states: “If this date is not met, the secretary of state may remove the school from the register of independent schools or may impose a requirement restricting the school’s operations.

“I must warn you that the secretary of state may reject an action plan, and in these circumstances may remove the school from the register or restrict the school’s operations.

“If an action plan is accepted, Ofsted may be asked to visit the school again to check that the school has fully implemented the plan and that it is fully meeting the independent school standards.”

The school’s website describes Al Jamiatul Islamiyah as a place to ‘produce individuals that are spiritually enhanced and educationally advanced’.

It adds: “This motto allows us to remain at the forefront of improvement to become an institution that produces exemplary individuals, positively charged to contribute back to society a much needed charge of

constructive energy.

“We are devoted to provide a fully enriched education and to identify and nurture each student’s gifts and talents.”

The school failed to respond to a request for comment on the notice.