Common sense is the key to this

I am an 80-year-old asthmatic with a heart condition. I want to assure all the ‘oldies’ out there not to be frightened of Covid.

There are far too many old people in Bolton and indeed the country, who are frightened to leave their homes because of the fear factor portrayed by TV and newspapers etc. The more it goes on the more frightened people become.

For those who remember the 1968 flu pandemic which killed 67,000 we never had this fear factor. We were very aware of it of course but just used common sense.

My wife and I go out regularly to walk around the local area, shop and before the lockdown, went to cafes and restaurants on a weekly basis.

We use common sense which many of us oldies still have. I cannot and do not wear a mask. I go into shops and am aware of people around me and move accordingly. With most of the population wearing masks I am safer in their company!

As for restaurants and cafes I am very angry at the way the Government has slapped a total lockdown on these premises n Bolton. There are some very well organised and well managed restaurants and cafes in Bolton, who have spent time and money in making themselves Covid protected.

Quite frankly the ones we have frequented that have made these arrangements have made my wife and I feel very comfortable indeed.

This hammer to crack a nut approach is killing off the hospitality business.

Science is all very well and much needed but when it finds a solution to a problem it is then handed over to the practical members of industry to make it work.

Unfortunately, whilst I voted for Boris et al he is not handling the situation as well as I think he could. For example Bolton has health inspectors who check on local food outlets and give them a rating from 5 to 1 to give us confidence to use them.

Why can’t local inspectors be assigned to rate the Covid arrangements ensuring some promises stay open and maintaining their stability and job safety?

So please do not be frightened by the current situation. Hospital admissions and deaths are still very low even with all this testing going on.

So try to get out and you will be amazed that life is not as bad as you think it is. Just take precautions and you will be fine.

Graham Bridge