A SPATE of attempted and actual vehicle thefts in an area of Farnworth has left one builder unable to work and families scared in their own homes.

Investigating officers are urging residents to report crimes so police are aware of issues faced in the area ­— while a ward councillor has urged people to be extra vigilant to deter thieves.

Builder Nadeem Akbar had his van stolen earlier this month from the front of his house in Broadway, near Royal Bolton Hospital, leaving him unable to work.

He said he had previously been the victim of an attempted car theft when he suffered a break-in at his house to steal keys to his cars.

The 30-year-old married father said: "A few weeks ago people broke into the house to steal the keys to my cars, I woke up and they ran away.

"This time they have taken my van.

"Two three days later after they broke into my house they tried to steal my neighbour's car

"My other neighbour's car has been stole about a month ago. The Bolton News also reported how thieves had broken into a doctor's house in Bishops Road to steal cars.

"My van is missing which means I cannot work. I work hard and now doing whatever I can and the three people who work with me cannot work and I have to replace the tools.

"It is worrying, we cannot sleep at night because we don't know people will come into to the house again.

"I have been told that the shop has good CCTV but they are not allowed to give it to me, just the police."

Ward councillor Hamid Khurram said he would be speaking to police about the issue of car break-ins in the area.

He said: "Just overnight I have been told a number by a number of residents that cars have been broken into, I haven't looked into that yet, so it is not confirmed.

"I'm asking people to be extra vigilant and the keys are safe inside the house and to double check the vehicle is secure.

"It is scary for families who have experienced this."

"We held meeting before coronavirus about this issue and the police did turn up but we had very few residents. We need residents to get involved and explain the issues so they know and can investigate."

Inspector Duncan Haynes said: "We will be looking to make contact with Mr Akhbar, and looking at the CCTV footage. I cannot stress enough for people to please report any crimes, it is so important."