AN EIGHT-year-old girl could be unable to go out for walks unless her family are able to raise enough money for a new specialist buggy for her.

Lillie Mae Branney is severely disabled, with her entire life affected by a rare condition called pontocerebellar hypoplasia.

The genetic disorder affects the brain, limiting movement and is often seen alongside other conditions.

Lillie Mae is also registered blind, is exclusively tube fed, and non-verbal – although her outings with her grandparents and sister Sophia are always met with huge smiles.

Grandmother Margaret Thomas is desperate to get enough money for the specialist equipment before the weather turns too poor, so the family can continue their outings.

She said: "She's prone to chest infections and it's hard keeping her warm.

"With the buggy, you can get covers for the rain and to help with her temperature, she really struggles to regulate it herself.

"She's got that tall that she needs the next size up, but obviously it's a lot of money.

"Without it, we could take her for drives but if it was raining or bad weather we wouldn't be able to go."

The family have been given a wheelchair for Lillie Mae, but the chair isn't as good at keeping her warm and dry as the buggy.

Without the equipment, her walks may have to be limited or stopped, as poor weather would increase her chances of getting a chest infection.

Margaret – also known as Nanna Maggie – added: "We try to get them out as much as we can – especially with how long they were both off school for with covid.

"We're still just too scared to send her back to school, we're in the chest infection season and she's actually just gotten one."

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