A LARGE rubbish fire broke out in a garden in Breightmet this afternoon, Saturday.

One fire engine was sent to a property on Grantchester Way at around 12.30pm after a smouldering embers from a fire pit on Friday night had been blown onto a nearby pile of rubbish.

Firefighters used a hose reel to put out the flames.

Bolton North firefighter Dan Winters said: "There was a large quantity of rubbish involved in the fire.

"It was started from a fire pit in the garden after the smouldering embers had been blown onto the rubbish.

"Initially we were told it was a house fire so there were three fire engines ready to go but that changed to one fire engine when we got more information.

"We gave advice to the resident for further pit fires and checked the smoke alarms."

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service gives advice over garden safety that people can follow in their homes.

For more information on steps that residents can take to help prevent fire outside click here.