A bid to list a much loved building in a Farnworth park as an ‘asset of community value’ has failed

A charity hoping to raise heritage funding to transform Rock Hall, Moses Gate Country Park, has applied to Bolton Council to recognise the hall, which would have given it more protections from other parties who may wish to develop the site.

Banana Enterprise Network, a charity behind the bid, is developing proposals which include extending the back of the listed building in a “respectful manner” to maximise the potential of the 200-year-old hall for community use for all ages.

Their plans to develop a business plan and apply for funding are unaffected by the decision, which was announced this week.

The decision notice, states: “The council has categorised this nomination as unsuccessful on the grounds that the asset does not meet the criteria to be listed as an asset of community value.

“The hall was previously used as a visitor centre for the country park up until 2014.

“Since that date the hall has remained closed and unoccupied.

“As the hall is not currently in use by any persons and no evidence has been offered by the nominator of how the hall is currently furthering social wellbeing or social interests, it would not be considered land of community value.”

Jayne Allman, from Banana Enterprise Network, said that “The council have still given us the time we need to prepare a feasibility study , including architectural proposals and business plan for the future use of the hall as a viable community asset.”