VODKA and rum aren’t the only spirits in these Bolton pubs.

From ghoulish figures captured on CCTV, to flat capped ghosts spotted sipping a pint after closing, there have been numerous paranormal sightings in Bolton pubs.

You might have visited some of these pubs without even knowing about their haunted history.  

Here are five of the most haunted pubs in Bolton- have you been to any?

Ye Olde Man and Scythe, Churchgate

The Bolton News: Ye Olde Man and ScytheYe Olde Man and Scythe

Photo: Geograph, Michael Ely

You can’t talk about haunted pubs without referencing the oldest pub in Bolton.
This is arguably the most haunted pub on the list as many ghost stories and unexplained experiences have happened in this pub.

Back in the 1600s it was owned by the family of James Stanley- the man responsible for the Bolton Massacre, where more than 1000 people were murdered.

It’s said that he still haunts the pub, smashing bottles and haunting the cellar.
You might remember when CCTV footage of Ye Olde Man and Scythe went viral; the video show lights in the pub flickering and a hooded figure emerging from the darkness.

The Bolton News: In the CCTV footage, a figure appears to emerge from the darkness (Credit: Ye Olde Man and Scythe CCTV)In the CCTV footage, a figure appears to emerge from the darkness (Credit: Ye Olde Man and Scythe CCTV)

Back in 2014, manager of the bar, Tom Dooley, woke up to the sound of breaking glass.

He checked CCTV and was shocked to see the figure emerge.

He said: “It has really shaken me up, look at my hand, it is shaking just talking about it — this is where I live.

“I have never really believed in ghosts or anything like that before, but I think I am starting to now.”

The King’s Head, Junction Road

The Bolton News: The Kings Head (Photo: Google Maps)The Kings Head (Photo: Google Maps)

Customers claim the ghosts at this pub are Civil War Cavaliers who like to cause mischief.

Doors would mysteriously slam, beer taps would suddenly cut off and the lights would flicker on and off.

One pub landlord even reported feeling uneasy after waking up in the middle of the night- they said an oppressive atmosphere filled the bedroom.

The Hen and chickens Inn, Deansgate

The Bolton News: The Hen and Chickens Inn (Credit: Google Maps)The Hen and Chickens Inn (Credit: Google Maps)

This pub features in the book, Haunted Bolton by Michelle Cardno and Stuart Hilton.

People have reported seeing the ghost of a man in his 50s; he is seen wearing a flat cap while drinking a pint and smoking a cigarette.

A sobbing noise has also been heard in the ladies’ toilet cubicles despite no-one being there.

Mysterious thuds and bangs have been heard around the inn, as well as reports of flashing lights.

One person even reported seeing a pair of legs on the stairs leading to the living quarters despite no-one being around.

The Churchgate Bar, Bolton

This bar used to be called “The Brass Cat”- and many strange paranormal experiences were reported here while it was the Brass Cat.

The Bolton News: The Brass Cat The Brass Cat

(Photo: Geograph, JThomas)

People say the bar is haunted by three different ghosts who like to get up to trouble and make a lot of noise.

Loud noises were reported from the cellar and glasses would fall from the shelves and bounce on the floor but never break.

According to a paranormal database, paranormal experience have still been reported in The Churchgate Bar as it stands today.

Legend has it a pregnant woman died after her employer discovered she was pregnant with his child. To this day, some people report hearing the sound of a baby’s cry in the building.

Old Three Crowns, Deansgate

The Bolton News: The Old Three Crowns (Photo: Google Maps)The Old Three Crowns (Photo: Google Maps)

The next time you’re in the Old Three Crowns, keep your eyes and ears open as it is thought to be home to some ghost and poltergeist activity.

The sound of running footsteps have been reported here, as well as heavy breathing in people’s ears.

One engineer working in the cellar was scared away from the pub after feeling an icy hand touch his shoulder and turn on a nearby tap.

A group of paranormal investigators called Ghost Dimension even visited the pub and believe it to be haunted by an angry man with a cane and the ghost of a young girl.

Have you ever had a paranormal experience in Bolton? Share your stories in the comment section or email