Businesses are preparing to open their doors today as restrictions in Bolton have been brought in line with the rest of the region.

On Thursday the Government announced that restrictions were being eased in Bolton, meaning that bars, pubs, cafes and restaurants can open up with table service only until 10pm.

Leisure facilities such as bowling alleys, indoor skating rinks, casinos and indoor soft play centres can reopen.

The Northern Monkey bar in Nelson Square will be welcoming customers back today.

Liam Convey, the bar's owner, said: "We're relieved that we are being treated the same way as other boroughs who have higher rates than Bolton when we closed.

"I feel relieved and happy, we've had a good response from social media.

"It's good to see a return to some normality.

"It has been quite short notice but we were always second guessing when we would reopening.

"We are lucky that we kept brewing so that's not a problem. Our customers were really compliant with the rules before so we should be able to run safely."

Meanwhile the owner of Party and Play Funhouse in Westhoughton has decided to reopen in just over a week's time to ensure all the necessary systems are in place.

Catalina Sastre-Done said: "We're preparing to reopen with all the safety measures, we will have track and trace, sanitisers, one way systems and we will be asking people to book before they arrive.

"Everything’s been spread out and we have reduced our capacity. The ball pool is gone and has been replaced with an alternative.

"It's been very short notice and I need time to ensure my computer system is up and running correctly, particularly with the rule of six.

"I'm apprehensive and I feel very nervous, they keep changing the rules and stopping and starting.

"I don't feel like we have been given enough advice and any guidance we do have is not up to date.

"They way these closures have been handled feels very unprofessionally, I don't think businesses have been involved in the decision making process at all.

"We've already had enquiries about opening which is good, and I'm trying to stay positive but it feels like we are stepping into the unknown."

Hollywood Bowl are opening from today. A spokeswoman said: "We are really pleased to be able to reopen our doors at Hollywood Bowl Middlebrook at 10am and welcome our Bolton-based guests back to bowling.

"The team has been busy creating a Covid-safe environment where customers can enjoy our unique fun-filled experience, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank them for all their hard work during this time."