From top-rated steaks to gourmet chocolate bars that appeared on MasterChef, some Greater Manchester food producers have scooped themselves a Great Taste award (or two) this year.

Great Taste are regarded as one of the world’s most trusted food and drink awards.

Out of a massive 12,777 entries , 42% were awarded with a Great Taste accolade- 459 of which are based in Northern England alone.

The Bolton News: The Great Taste award's judging panel (Photo: Great Taste)The Great Taste award's judging panel (Photo: Great Taste)

This year’s food, drinks and treats were found by a group of judges- they have been putting their tastebuds to the test since the first week of lockdown.

Awards are based on a variety of factors, from the texture and appearance to the quality of ingredients.

How is food rated?

3-star: Extraordinarily tasty foods – only around 1.5% of products are awarded a 3-star each year – don’t leave the shop without buying it! 

2-star:  Above and beyond delicious – 10% of entries will achieve this rating 

1-star: A food that delivers fantastic flavour. Approximately 30% of entries will achieve this rating each year. 

Greater Manchester’s Great Taste winners

Fourteen food items in the region have been awarded a Great Taste award.

Only one has been given the highest honour of a three star rating- and that was ginger flakes from SACO Superfoods which trades in Salford.


With a weather like this what you really need is a lovely cup of ginger tea to warm you up. Stay blessed and warm 😉💕 Image courtesy of the talented @esperance_k check her IG @kazekephotography You can find our 3 star great taste 2020 ginger flakes at the @eden_tearoom_newburgh Artisan Market today till 4pm In our shop on 294 Bury New Road, Salford, M7 2YJ On our website - see link in BIO saco or local to you with our stockists @bridgecommunityfarm @pbp_vegan_foods_ @lowsizerghbarn @armrstore @gorgeousafrofood @gingerandspicefest #gingertea #ginger #rainyday #sacosuperfoods #driedginger #herbaltea #looseleaftea #tea #teapot #hotdrinks #infuser #africansuperfoods #blackpoundday #cup #greattaste2020 #ethical #insta#vegan #naturalfood #coldday #blackownedbusiness #familybusiness #suppo

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These flakes are meant to be infused in baked goods and generally just nibbled on- the grated African ginger root is dried under the sun and manually roasted with raw cane sugar to achieve a “deep, sweet, ginger aroma” and “warming, spicy, sweet and uplifting” journey on the palate.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Words can’t even begin to describe how thrilled we feel about winning the 3 star Great Taste 2020 Award.

“Of course, if you don’t like ginger, this isn’t for you. But if you love it, you will find the ginger flakes very indulgent and a great winter warmer and one to cheer a dull rainy day.”

Wigan-based company, Excellent Gourmet Trading Ltd - I Love Snacks, scooped a two star rating with their smoked almonds.

This versatile food item can be enjoyed as a snack or they can even be added to your favourite salad or pasta dish. Ideal for those watching their figures. They are only 158 calories per pack.

Another company who fared well at the Great Taste awards was The Careless Collection company.

Stockport’s David Crichton, is the brains behind the company and two of his luxury chocolate bars received a one star rating.

Their Amedei Careless Bar is world renowned for its smooth taste with a hint of pistachio and cardamom.

The Bolton News: The Careless Classic Bar (Photo: The Careless Collection Company)The Careless Classic Bar (Photo: The Careless Collection Company)

The Careless Classic bar- which was the catalyst for the entire project- has a dark chocolate outer shell which encases a salted butter caramel flavour.

You might recognise the brand and gourmet chocolate bars from TV show MasterChef; David Crichton wowed judges back in 2018 with his George Michael inspired chocolate bars.

He told the Bolton News: “It's nearly three years since I was given the task of coming up with a dish on MasterChef for an idol, where I chose George Michael.

“Never did I think a sudden flash of inspiration would lead to The Careless Collection and gaining an industry standard accreditation.

“The Great Taste Awards have recognised my self-taught abilities, and given me the confidence to further improve them and push the boundaries of a chocolate bar.”

Other one star winners of The Great Taste Awards

K’s Wors Ltd’s Chilli Boerewors: These sausages are infused with South African flavours but produced and packed in Manchester.
Peak Blends’ Korean Wok Spice and Pepper: The Wok Spice seasoning is described as “exotic, floral and earthy” that can be added to a variety of dishes.

LoveRaw’ vegan salted caramel chocolate bar: These chocolate bars are described as “the best vegan chocolate bars” on the company website.


Jumping on that 🍌 bread bandwagon! Chocolate chip banana bread is the ONE! How do you guys like to jazz up your banana bread? Blueberry BB is also pretty damn delish, but CHOCOLATE. forever. and. always. 🤤 #FoodjustGotReal

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The Spice Lounge Seasonings’ salt and pepper chips and wedges: Spice up your next plate of chips with some Spice Lounge seasoning from this Wigan-based company.

Sterling Meat Company Limited’s Dry aged T.Bone Steak and Extra Lean Steak Meatballs: Meat lovers need to sink their teeth into award-winning steak and meatballs.

The Flava People’s Creamy Japanese Mayo:  This is a condiment with an oriental twist and is made using just egg yolks.

Drynks Unlimited’s Smashed Lager: This unique alcohol-free beverage is said to have a “clean taste” with “floral notes” and a”mild hoppy bitterness”; In order to get its unique flavour, the larger is ‘dealcoholised’ in  Drynks’ cool vacuum distil plant.

Pasco Foods’ Delhi Tikka Masala: If you want an authentic tasting curry from the comfort of your own home, a great place to start is with this award-winning sauce- best of all, you can find the affordable sauce in B&M.

Have you ever tried these Great Taste Award-winning food and drink items?