A MAN hacked at his neighbour’s door and threatened to kill him after a friendship turned sour.

Bolton Crown Court heard how Karl Gill and John Campbell had spent the evening drinking with Paul Santley at his Thornbank West flat.

They left but returned in the early hours of the morning, after Mr Santley had gone to bed, with Gill kicking at the door, using a weapon, possibly an axe, to attack the door and shouting.

Judge Graeme Smith heard that Gill had taken exception to the presence of another man at the gathering the previous evening.

Gavin Howie, prosecuting, told the court how Mr Santley had previously loaned Gill money because he “felt sorry for him” and had earlier knocked on his door asking for the cash back.

The next day, on July 22, Gill, of Thornbank West and Campbell, who was temporarily staying with him, called at Mr Santley’s home where they drank and enjoying a pleasant evening before leaving at 10.30pm.

But at 1.30am a terrified Mr Santley heard his letter box banking and Gill yelling: “Get out here or I’ll f***ing kill you”.

Frightened Mr Santley refused to open the door and Gill continued to make threats before finally leaving.

Mr Santley called Gill to ask what the problem was but was met with more obscenities and threats to "slit" his thoat.

The victim was so frightened that he left his home and sought sanctuary in neighbour Alan Valentine's flat.

Gill and Campbell then turned up at Mr Valentine's flat, shouting, "If Paul's in there I'm going to kill you."

"By that time it was nearly 2am," said Mr Howie, who added that Mr Valentine's door was also attacked.

Police were called and 34-year-old Gill and Campbell, 41, were arrested.

Gill pleaded guilty to affray and possessing a bladed article and Campbell to affray.

Hunter Gray, defending Gill, said his client had been drinking at the time of the crime and can remember very little.

"He is genuinely embarrassed by his conduct on that night," said Mr Gray.

Harriet Lavin, defending Campbell, stressed that he had only played a "supporting role" in the incident and had made a "foolish decision" to accompany his friend.

Judge Smith sentenced Gill to 12 months in prison and Campbell to seven months behind bars.