A GROUP hoping to revive and restore a beloved park building are looking for old pictures of it to help them bring their plans to reality.

The Banana Enterprise Network charity are progressing with their Save Rock Hall project but are now appealing to the public to share their memories and photographs of past events and activities held at the hall and Moses Gate Park.

Since January, the charity has worked on their proposals to acquire and save Rock Hall for the community.

They completed an initial online public survey in August which saw 604 responses received in just three weeks.

The charity was thrilled to see that from the 603 people who wanted to save Rock Hall for the community, 389 of them offered to volunteer to help them.

There is a main project steering group virtual meeting this week and the charity is also setting up special interest steering groups.

One of the groups will be looking at the history of the the hall and as part of a feasibility study, the charity is looking for old photos and activities that were once held there and in the park.

They also would like people to share their memories of such events.

Jayne Allman, the charity’s CEO, said “We are building up a picture of how the hall has been used by the community in the past and have discovered a lot so far but we are sure there must be more information and old photos out there in the community.

“Perhaps residents have old photos of their grandparents at the hall for example or photos of recent events and activities until the hall closed six years ago.

“We are looking at the history of the hall as far back as possible and would like to record those past memories forever”.

The charity will use the photos and information as an essential part of their feasibility study and funding bids to help save Rock Hall for the Community.

If anyone can assist the charity with information on Rock Hall please contact Jayne Allman at jayne@bananaenterprise.co.uk,