An iconic pub is set to reopen its doors under new management.

The Alma Inn, in Bradshawgate, Bolton, closed at the beginning of September, however, it is now undergoing a refurbishment to reopen in the near future.

A date has not been announced by the new management of when it will reopen.

A post on the bar's Facebook page said: "With great happiness I'm proud to announce the Alma Inn will once again be reopening, under new management.

"After a monumental effort, whilst working with the brewery, police and licensing, we've been able to secure and ensure the physical survival of the Alma's legacy and will be doing our utmost to rebuild, return and then maintain the pub and its reputation back to what it was once known for.

"I'd also like to announce how happy we are to have the return of Jim MacGranthin to the team as well as the very welcome addition of Adam Swarbrick and Sam Cummins to help us push through with our goal.

"We will be reopening with full social distancing requirements in place and table service, pints and ales will once again become a thing and we've secured a complete refurbishment for 2021.

"We hope to see you all soon.

"Keep your eyes open for any further announcements and spread the word, the buildings staying put."