A SHORT FILM featuring an array of local talent has smashed its initial fundraising target and is offering perks to members of the public who chip in and help the production meet its new £7,000 target.

In Bluebell Wood, a mysterious and suspenseful short family film, will feature a cast of over 30 children including Burnley sisters Lilly-May and Evie-Leigh Austin along with sisters, Isla and Sienna Williams from Bolton.

The Bolton News:

Having originally set a funding target of £3025, writer and co-director Laura Ellen Wilson, from Chorley, has been amazed to find that a variety of backers have helped the film surpass a second stretch goal of £6,000.

She said: “The generosity and support has been overwhelming and we are truly thankful to each and every donation and share.”

Turning to the new goal of £7,000 she added: “If we reach this figure, we will have real financial freedom to take In Bluebell Wood to the next level with its production value.

“We will be able to purchase equipment in order to make the set more organised and run smoother including walkie talkies and various other communication aids.

“We will be able to provide more substantial meals on set for all cast, crew and accompanying parents - a total of approximately 100 people per day!”

As such, backers will be able to buy perks including social media shoutouts, signed scripts and even for the most generous contributors the opportunity to be named as an associate producer in the film’s credits.

Ms Wilson, a multi-award-winning actress with numerous horror and thriller credits to her name including Friday the 13th: Vengeance, Survivor Girls and Surprise , has also revealed that Chorley Theatre will host the film’s premier next year and that if the £7000 funding goal is met the production will be making extra exciting new announcements.

In Bluebell Wood will be Ms Wilson’s debut short feature, which she will be co-directing with producer Laura Saxon and which will be shot around Chorley.

The film will focus on a young schoolgirl named Emma who, on moving to a new school and joining the brownies, discovers mysterious goings on in the woods while on a survival training trip.

To play your part on bringing the cast and crew’s vision to the big screen, visit: www.indiegogo.com/projects/in-bluebell-wood/.