PLANS are being drawn up for mobile cameras to roam areas of Bolton to catch flytippers.

It is hoped this will discourage flytipping culprits from dumping rubbish on lanes and beauty spots illegally.

Back Ivy Bank Road, Astley Bridge, was the victim of flytipping this week from people driving a “small white van” which left carpets scattered across the lane.

One local resident, who wished to remain anonymous, who posted pictures of the incident on a local Facebook group said it wasn’t the first time the area had been flytipped.

He said: “It’s happened further down the lane but never to this extent.”

Local councillor Hilary Fairclough said it is a problem that is seen in the area and beyond, with work being done to tackle particular “hotspots”.

She said this included discussions around a mobile security camera that can be used across the area to tackle a range of anti-social behaviour, including flytipping.

She added: “It seems like people find a particular area they think will work, try it, and then don’t get caught, so it becomes somewhere that gets regularly targeted. They more or less have the upper hand in these spots too because of the time they do it at.

“However, we are looking to invest in a mobile camera for the area so we can clamp down on this and get people caught, because it only stops by catching people in the act.

“There is never enough evidence to catch people and they have to be caught in the act really which is why having a mobile camera should be more effective in targeted areas.

“The public can also play a vital role in helping catch these people by reporting it the council or police when they see people doing it. A lot of these incidents come from residents unknowingly hiring people to remove their rubbish with the promise that it will be disposed of properly.

“They then just go round the corner and dump it on a lane. So it’s really important for residents to check for a licence before giving people rubbish to dispose of as it is the resident in danger of being fined if it is found to be their belongings.”

Cllr Fairclough also praised a local litter picking group, describing themselves as “absolutely wonderful”, for the work they do for the community.

She added: “They do so much work making the community a lovely place, some treat it like a full time job, for absolutely more money. It always brings a smile to my face when I see them post on Facebook, even if it’s just someone doing a little or someone who’s collected dozens of bags."