A BOSS has received a four-year ban over the collapse of a Bolton health firm.

Nandhini Selvrajan, who ran Deane Healthcare Clinic Ltd (DHC), was left owing the taxman more than £117,000 when the company crashed in 2019.

But an investigation by the Insolvency Service found payments totalling £285,353 had been paid out from DHC accounts in the final few weeks before it went under.

The probe discovered £135,265 had been paid to the director, there was a cash withdrawal of £2,220, trade debts of £33,683 were met and wages of £64,789 paid out.

HM Revenue and Customs received £12,937 over the same period.

The company director disqualification for Mrs Selvaran, 52, of Sandray Close, Bolton, will run until August 2024.

Insolvency officials say the firm, which was first incorporated in 2011 and traded from premises in Horsfield Street, had fallen foul when it came to corporation tax, pay-as-you-earn tax and National Insurance contributions.

The company went under owing £233,476, of which £117,628 is said to have been due to HMRC.

Other creditors listed at the time included their Bolton-based accountants, Barlow Andrews, said to be owed £22,032, with Advoco, a Wythenshaw consultancy, left just over £7,000 out of pocket.

An outstanding bill of £21,278 to BT also remained unpaid at the time of the liquidation.

The company fulfilled its corporation tax obligations for 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 but only paid £1,000 towards its 2018 total before no further settlements were made.