A MAN began taking ecstasy to boost his self confidence after he lost his leg in an accident.

Bolton magistrates heard how police raided Jason Cahill’s Little Lever home at 6am on December 6, 2018.

Adam Bonney, prosecuting, said 51-year-old Cahill was initially arrested on suspicion of supplying drugs but there was no evidence of dealing when his phone was examined.

But officers found 11 tablets of MDMA, known as ecstasy.

Cahill, of Third Avenue, Little Lever, pleaded guilty to possessing the drug.

The court heard that he has previous criminal convictions, but mainly for dishonesty offences.

Peter Leather, defending, stated that Cahill had been using ecstasy tablets for several years.

“Sadly, he had been involved in a very serious road traffic accident some years ago and lost his right leg just below the knee,” he said.

“That was the end of his driving days and his employment.

“He started to use ecstasy tablets really to bolster his self-confidence in social circumstances.”

He added that the police raid has “brought him to his senses” and he now does not use the drug.

“He is single, lives at a settled address with his dog. He rarely goes out socialising nowadays.”

Magistrates fined Cahill £120 and ordered that he pay £115 in costs and charges.