A DAD fined for breaking quarantine after a trip to Turkey says he went out to buy baby milk for his seven-month-old son.

Bodeane Rostron, 35, was given the £1,000 fine on Wednesday, after officers visited his home in Tonge Moor.

Mr Rostron returned from an 11-day stay in Turkey on October 4, and was self-isolating at home with fiancee Chloe Brooks, eight-year-old step-daughter Hollie and seven-month-old son Bodeane.

The family needed to quarantine until October 18, but Mr Rostron says he was forced to leave his home five days early to buy food for his son.

He said: “Everyone who could have helped is either in isolation or on holiday – my family went away with me and the others that live nearby are on holiday now.

“I called 101, and they told us to ring the council to get some more milk, but by the time we’d gotten that information it was gone five at night and there was no answer.

“He was on his last bottle and if we’d waited until at least the next day he would have starved by then.

“I did what I felt I had to.I get that it’s hard to police and they are just doing their job but so I am for my son.”

According to official government advice, anyone arriving in the UK from a country outside of the travel corridor must quarantine for 14 days.

Anyone self-isolating cannot go out to school or visit public areas, and “should not” go shopping.

There are a number of circumstances that are considered acceptable reasons to leave your home, including accessing medical assistance, going to a funeral, or accessing basic necessities when you cannot arrange for them to be delivered.

A police spokesman said: “Police were called on Wednesday October 7 to a report of a breach of self-isolation rules, as per covid-19 legislation, at an address on Firwood Grove.

“The Home Office’s ‘passenger locate’ department confirmed that a woman at the address had arrived back from Turkey earlier that week and therefore was required to self-isolate for 14 days - up to, and including, Sunday 18 October.

“Officers attended the address on Tuesday 13 October and there were no occupants inside the address. Officers attended the address again later that day to find the occupants home and engaged with them to ascertain why they were not in the property earlier that day. The man confirmed he had gone out but provided officers with no reasonable explanation as to why he had left.

“Further enquiries later established the man should also have been self-isolating as he too had visited Turkey at the same time as the woman, and officers attended the address for a third time.

“The man at the address verbally accepted the £1000 fine, again without providing any context as to why he had been away from the address.”

“COVID regulations are there to protect the public and stop the spread of the virus. GMP will engage with the public first and foremost but will enforce where necessary and where there are blatant breaches with no reasonable explanation or exceptions.”