A Bolton MP has penned a letter criticising Andy Burnham for not being able to reach a lockdown agreement with the government.

Conservative Mark Logan, MP for Bolton North East, signed the letter along with five other Greater Manchester MPs saying that Mr Burnham had "completely failed in his duty" to the people of the region.

The government and leaders in Greater Manchester were unable to reach a deal on the funding of the tier 3 lockdown yesterday with Mr Burnham saying at a press conference that the government walked away from talks after offering £60m.

Mr Burnham said they would go no lower than £65m.

The letter written to the Mayor of Greater Manchester, and signed by Mr Logan as well as MPs from Bury North and South and Leigh, said: "We are writing to you today to express our concern and deep disappointment at your failure to reach an appropriate settlement for the people of Greater Manchester.

"Following constructive talks with ministers and No. 10 we are aware that you have declined a substantial package of support for our city region which could have provided the much needed certainty our communities deserve.

"We all want the very best possible outcome for our area and so take no issue with your efforts to get an enhanced package for Greater Manchester ­— what we cannot fathom is, when the government offered to give you 92 per cent of what you asked for, with a settlement of an additional £60m of funding, you decided the best option was to walk away having secured absolutely nothing.

"Businesses in Greater Manchester are now at risk of closure as a result of the dogmatic stance you have taken.

"Your inability to work constructively for the good of the people of Greater Manchester is extremely disappointing ­— our current predicament rests solely on your shoulders.

"You have completely failed in your duty to the people of our city region.

"You have a responsibility to the people you represent to protect them and ensure their best interests.

"In placing your own ego above that responsibility, you have put hundreds of thousands of people in jeopardy.

"We are pleased to see that local leaders are taking the initiative and working with the government to protect their communities.

"I would urge you strongly to consider whether you are the right person to represent Greater Manchester in further talks and encourage you to make way for those of us who want to reach a settlement which recognises the extremely urgent and precarious position we now find ourselves in."

Andy Burnham has responded this morning saying: "You haven’t got this quite right Chris (Chris Clarkson, MP for Heywood & Middleton).

"We asked for £90m – which is the cost of an 80 per cent furlough and self-employed scheme.

"We were offered £60m – 66 per cent of our ask, the same that pub staff in Heywood & Middleton are deemed to be worth.

"You can vote to change that today. Will you?"