A CROQUET whiz-kid is tearing up the competition in Bury - beating players who are often decades older than him.

Jack Good, 14, from Bolton, is a member of Bury Croquet Club and has won two of the club's four tournaments held this season.

The teen genius is the youngest member of the club by several years and has even played in national competitions against much more experienced players in the country.

Jack won the Association Croquet (AC) full lawn and level play Golf Croquet (GC) tournaments, beating a number of the club's players en route to the trophies – including the club's chairperson.

He is also involved in the Croquet Association national youth squad programme, but current travel restrictions have limited his involvement this season.

He said: "I'm probably more proud of the AC competition as I'm ranked higher in the GC and was playing against tougher people there,

"It felt better to win it because it was like two ends of the spectrum. I'd like to get my ranking as high as possible. I would like to win stuff but I'd just like to get as high as I can.

Dad Graham, who is also a member of the club, said: "He got involved because I was a member and he came with me to a few tournaments.

"By a fluke last year, he was able to play in the under 21 championship and he's done well since.

"Of course we are proud of him - some days he will be playing people in their 20s and other days he will be playing people in their 70s."

Jack has been tipped for a bright future by those at the club and his dad, who hope he can get some quality playing time under his belt when the time allows.

He is also challenging the misconception that you have to be old to play croquet - as it is often a sport associated with older generations.

Club member Roy Spencer said: "Jack is the youngest player we have as we don't have a large amount of young players at the club.

"The next youngest is in his 20s and then we have a couple of players here who are in their 30s.

"Needless to say, we have many members of a certain age - even a woman who is in her 90s and is still playing. But she does still play a mean game."