GREATER Manchester Police’s top cop is calling on residents to "work with us" as officers enforce stricter coronavirus rules from Friday.

The region’s 10 borough’s, including Bolton, have been moved from the Government’s covid-19 alert level of Tier 2 to Tier 3.

GMP is used to dealing with breaches during the pandemic.

As of October 15, the force has issued 23 £1,000 fines to people for failing to self-isolate on their return from international travel.

One person must also pay a £3,100 fine due to the cumulative effect of fixed penalty notices.

A house has been sent eight fixed penalty notices to individuals, including three to one person with the local authority looking at a closure order on that property.

Five £1,000 fines have been dished out to premises staying open after 10pm, and a £10,000 fine has been issued for a rave at an Indian restaurant

The Bolton News:

GMP Chief Constable Hopkins said: “The main message is we really need people to work with us and comply with the legislation.

"The vast majority of people have done that throughout.

"Yes, there's a hardcore who've ignored it and don't think it relates to them, and that's where our focus has been in terms of enforcement.

"But if the vast majority of people comply, that will help to reduce social contact, and that's what's needed to reduce the infection rate.

"Our policing stance throughout has been the four Es – to engage, to explain, to encourage people to comply and only enforce where necessary."

GMP has had to step up enforcement in recent months.

The Bolton News:

CC Hopkins said: "Certainly, since the beginning of August when the local restrictions came in, the enforcement levels have gone up because we've targeted those who persistently flouted the legislation

"The fact we're still getting called to about 400 parties a week on average, shows that there has been that level throughout.

"I also do think the level of enforcement activity that has to start acting as a deterrent when you see people getting financial penalties.

"And in all honesty, we don't want to be out there issuing fixed penalty notices for breaches of coronavirus legislation, I would much rather my officers were dealing with the levels of crime and disorder that we've got, which are back to pre-covid levels.

"But we absolutely recognise our role in trying to help stem the tide of the infection – and if that means we have to enforce those that blatantly flout the law, then we will do that."