A WOMAN who fought a lifelong battle against drug addiction was found dead at her home days after neighbours last saw her.

Staff at a pharmacy became concerned when Allison Lightbown did not turn up to collect her methadone three days in a row and contacted her substance misuse service worker.

Police were alerted and found 39-year-old Ms Lightbown dead in her Linslade Gardens, Bolton, home on May 26.

At an inquest into her death, area coroner Alan Walsh heard how toxicology tests revealed a cocktail of drugs in her body, including fatal levels of methadone.

Evidence from Ms Lightbown’s father, Christopher Lightbown, was read out which stated that the mum-of-three had become addicted to drugs as a teenager and despite help from her family and repeated efforts to detox, she would relapse.

The inquest heard that Ms Lightbown suffered a number of health problems, including difficulty walking, due to her long-standing drug and alcohol use.

Neighbour and friend Karen Abdurahman said when she saw the former apprentice machinist on May 23 going to a car window to get something before the vehicle drove off.

Police found evidence of drug-taking and alcohol inside the flat.

Recording a conclusion of a drug-related death, Mr Walsh said: “I am satisfied that from her teenage years to the time of her death she had made efforts to try to overcome the problem of addiction to drugs.

“Once again, it is another tragedy of the death of someone at the age of 39. Someone who died far too young from the use of drugs.”