WITH Halloween just around the corner we want to know about the most haunted houses and spooky sights in Bolton.

From reports of ghostly figures to objects appearing to move without anyone near them, there are scores of stories of the supernatural.

We have had some decent responses over the years but we want to know more.

If they are enough to send a chill down your back, we will publish your ghost stories.

Here are a few examples of haunted places in Bolton - please tell us your ghost stories by uploading your comments in the submissions box below this article.

Watermillock, Bolton

NOW a Toby Carvery, the historic building which was originally the home of mill owner T M Hesketh at the end of the Nineteenth century, has long thought to be haunted.

There have been sightings of a mysterious lady in the rooms on the upper floor and the sounds of things being moved around have been reported.

The cellar area is particularly interesting to paranormal investigators.

The building was used as a military hospital during the First World War and in the 1937 was a hostel for children fleeing the Spanish Civil War.

Turton Tower

RENOWNED as one of Lancashire’s most haunted buildings, staff and visitors to Turton Tower have reported many sightings and events over the years.

The tower, part of which dates to 1420, became a residence in the Tudor period.

Folklore has it that the tower is haunted by a mystery woman whose silk dress can often be heard rustling as she walks the corridors.

Security guards have, in the past, reported seeing a mystery figure who disappears when they go to talk to her.

One visitor to the hall even reported being pushed in the face by the mystery woman.

One of the rooms in the hall appears to affect visitors who experience extreme cold when they enter it.

Smithills Hall, Bolton

AS one of the oldest and best preserved manor houses in the country, Smithills has a number of ghostly sightings over the years.

The ghost of George Marsh, a farmer who was brought to the hall before being burnt at the stake for his protestant beliefs in 1555 has often been sighted and there have been a number of mystery occurrences including objects being moved around and even the sound of children giggling being heard.

Hall i’ th’ Wood, Bromley Cross

THE 16th Century manor house, now a museum, has a long history of spooky goings on. Visitors have reported report sightings of a peculiar white mist, a grey lady, strange lights, the sound of footsteps made by unseen feet and doors slamming of their own volition. The hall was visited by a TV crew for the show Most Haunted in 2008. Samuel Crompton lived in part of the house when he designed the spinning mule.

Timberbottom Farm, Bradshaw

ALTHOUGH long-demolished, the farmhouse has strong links to two skulls which now reside in Turton Tower. The skulls were discovered in Bradshaw Brook in the 1750s and kept in the farm. It is said any attempt to remove the skulls led to inexplicable screams and furniture moving of its own accord leading to the belief they had to remain in the house or the occupants would never get any sleep.