Television presenter Victoria Derbyshire has apologised for saying she would break the 'rule of six' to be with her family at Christmas.

The BBC presenter from Ramsbottom, who's own show was axed in March, said she felt irresponsible for saying she would break the rules, but that she thought many others would feel the same.

She has since apologised saying "it was hypothetical - however I was totally wrong to say it".

The 52-year-old said in an interview with Radio Times her family knew the risks and would be “sensible” and buy a thermometer gun.

Asked what she would do if things have not changed by Christmas, she said: "If the rule of six is still in place at Christmas, we’re breaking it to have the rule of seven. We just are.

"Joining me, my husband and our two boys will be my mum, her partner and my husband’s dad.

"It’s fine. We’ll do it knowing what the risks are. We’re not stupid.

"We’re going to be sensible and buy a thermometer gun. But we have to be together at Christmas.

"It feels almost irresponsible saying that, but I don’t think we’re alone in feeling that way.

"We need to see my elderly mum and my husband’s elderly dad. We just do.

"My mum lives in Bolton, I live in London, so I’ve not been able to see her much.

"We do Zoom calls every Saturday, but that’s it. It’s mad."

She apologised for these comments on Twitter this morning.

She said: "Good morning. I’m starting the day by saying I’m sorry: a few weeks ago the Radio Times asked me (amongst other things) what would potentially happen at Christmas with my own family if the rule of six was still in place.

"I talked about my mum, her partner & my dad-in-law spending it with us - making seven in our home in a Tier One area (medium).

"It was hypothetical - however I was totally wrong to say it & I’m sorry.

"We’ll of course continue to follow whatever rules are in place on December 25th."