FIGURES have shown how the covid-19 infections reported in each area have changed as more than 1,500 cases were recorded across the borough in just one week.

Astley Bridge and Waters Meeting is the worst-hit area in the borough, with 86 residents testing positive for the virus between October 15 and 21.

The neighbourhood had the second-highest infection rate across the whole of Greater Manchester, accounting for 958 cases per 100,000 people.

It ranks just below Atherton South West, which recorded a rate of 962 cases per 100,000 people with 78 new cases in the same week.

Rumworth South has the second-highest number of new infections, at 74, whilst Kearsley and Stoneclough saw 67 residents test positive.

In total, 1,520 new cases were seen across the borough, up sharply from the 1,101 new infections seen the week before.

Bolton Council have not seen one specific cause for the high number of infections, and have urged people to follow the restrictions in place to limit the spread of the virus.

A spokesman for the council said: “We are aware of the case numbers for Astley Bridge.

“We are continuing to closely monitor a range of indicators to assess how the virus is spreading in the community.

“Our investigations so far have not identified a particular driver of transmission.

“It is more likely a combination of community transmission and transmission within households.

“We can all take simple steps to stop the spread: limit your social contacts, do not mix with other households indoors, stay two metres apart from others, wash your hands regularly and wear a face covering on public transport and indoor public spaces.”

All 35 of Bolton’s neighbourhoods have now reported three or more infections of the virus for multiple months, with the total number of cases reported more than doubling over the last month.

Several areas have seen drops in the last week, including former table topper Breightmet South and Darcy Lever.

The neighbourhood is reporting 30 new cases, down from 33 a week ago, whilst another former hotspot, Little Lever, has dropped to 34 new cases, from 35.

Over Hulton has recorded 28 new infections this week, down from 34, whilst Harper Green saw 30 new cases, down from 41.