WESTHOUGHTON motor dealer Don Burnett was always going to turn heads when he bought a bright blue, 17-feet long classic American car.

But as interesting to petrol heads as the 1964 Ford Galaxie might have been, it was one of the car’s previous owner which was of real significance.

For the car had been bought in 1978 by Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger!

After owning the car for around five years, the 5-litre gas guzzler was put up as a prize in a competition in the Sun newspaper and was won by Chorley butcher Keith Nash. He promptly offered it for sale and it was snapped up by Don who ran Company Car Sales on Manchester Road for £2,500.

“I just had to have it,” said Don.

When he came to pick up the car Don was handed all the usual paperwork including the registration document which confirmed that a previous owner had been one Michael Philip Jagger from London - as an added bonus the document also bore the rock star’s signature.

Mick Jagger has always been a car lover having owned a variety of exotic and expensive models including Aston Martins, Ferraris and even a Morgan.

The Ford Galaxie, complete with a V8 engine, was a rare right hand drive model built in Canada.

Don kept the car for a while but eventually it was sold and went on display at the Yorkshire Car Collection. In 2007, the car was among 25 being sold off by the car museum at an auction in Leeds where it was sold for 19,975 euros to a private collector.