A MAN spotted walking down the street with a television attacked a police officer who stopped to question him.

Bolton magistrates heard how police ended up using a Tazer on 27-year-old Ainsley Boothe following the confrontation at lunchtime on Manchester Road, Bolton, on August 10.

Ann Deakin, prosecuting, said police were driving along the road when they spotted two men carrying a large, unboxed television.

"They suspected that the TV could be stolen," said Miss Deakin.

But as the officers passed the pair Boothe turned his head and shouted at them, "What the f*** are you looking at?"

Miss Deakin said the two men were then stopped and PC Coleman attempted to speak to Boothe, asking calmly where the TV had come from.

"Unfortunately Mr Boothe's body language was aggressive and he appeared rather agitated, according to the officer," said Miss Deakin.

"Mr Boothe is described as being powerfully built and athletic. PC Coleman thought he was going to be assaulted."

She added that PC Coleman pushed Boothe away but the defendant then squared up to the officer and punched him on the forearm.

Boothe, who was then Tazered, admits he assaulted the officer but claims he used the flat of his hand rather than a punch.

In a victim statement PC Coleman said: "The incident should have been resolved quickly without issue if Boothe had been even slightly reasonable.

"A simple enquiry could have been carried out to resolve the issue of the TV which had, in fact, been purchased lawfully by the other male.

"The defendant's conduct towards me as an officer in uniform was disgraceful and indicative of a wider social problem where people believe the police have no right to stop and speak with them and officers are there to be assaulted and treated with utter disdain whilst they are carrying out their duties serving the public."

The court heard that Boothe, of Nevis Grove, Bolton, has convictions for 17 previous offences although nothing since 2017.

Michael Balmer, defending, said Boothe had been standing on the street corner when he was asked by a friend to help him carry the TV to his flat and they were seen by police.

"This is an unfortunate event, one that appears to have blown out of all proportion rather quickly," said Mr Balmer

"Four rather burly police officers got out of the police carrier and Mr Boothe accepts perhaps not speaking to them or acting in a way that was entirely reasonable."

He added that Boothe had mental health issues and brain damage caused when he was in a motorcycle accident 10 years ago which can lead to a short temper.

The case was adjourned for reports about Boothe to be prepared and he is due to be sentenced at Wigan Magistrates' Court on November 18.