DRUNKEN louts who demanded drinks and abused cabin crew forced a aircraft captain to threaten to divert the plane.

Daniel Keigher and Daniel Naylor were among a group flying back to Manchester on a Jet2 flight from Krakow, Poland, but Manchester Magistrates’ Court heard how they became aggressive, demanding more drinks, during the flight.

When the aircraft landed Keigher, aged 32, of Turner Bridge Road, Bolton and Naylor, aged 29, of Wasdale Road, Bolton were met by police and arrested.

In court they both pleaded guilty to being drunk on an aircraft.

Steve Woodman, prosecuting, told magistrates how there were 153 passengers on the flight when it took off from Krakow at 6pm on September 28 for the two and a quarter hour flight to Manchester.

“These two were sat amongst a group of males who were pretty much loud and boisterous from the moment they got on the aircraft,” said Mr Woodman.

“It got to the point where the cabin crew decided they would only serve one alcoholic beverage throughout the flight to prevent any issues.”

But Keigher and Naylor objected to the decision. Naylor demanded a bottle of champagne, which was refused.

“Mr Keigher asked for a coffee and requested a brandy be put in it but due to him being perceived as being drunk already, he was only provided with a cup of coffee," said Mr Woodman.

“Due to this he became aggressive and abusive, telling the cabin crew to f*** off.”

Due to their disruptive behaviour the men were asked to provide their passport details but they refused.

“You’ll have to f***ing get it,” Keigher told them.

Meanwhile Naylor stood up and grabbed one of the crew in a tight bear hug.

The pilot was informed of the antisocial behaviour and made an announcement saying it would not be tolerated.

Naylor and Keigher were handed warning letters about their behaviour.

“They both started acting up, saying they couldn’t read the letters and were dyslexic,” said Mr Woodman.

“They were told that if their behaviour continued the flight may well be diverted and the police called.”

When matters did not improve the pilot contacted Manchester Airport and requested police to meet the flight when it landed.

Naylor and Keigher were escorted off the plane.

“They were somewhat staggering around,” said Mr Woodman.

The court heard that both men have previous convictions, but none for several years.

Magistrates decided to order pre-sentence reports on the pair before deciding their punishment or whether the case is so serious it must be sentenced at crown court.

Keigher and Naylor were both granted bail to appear in court again on December 3.