A BUSINESS owner has spoken of his frustration after RATS were spotted outside his cafe for the second time in two months.

Danny Loynd, the man behind the Para Café on Thynne Street, has been forced to up his pest patrols after the "horrible" vermin were spotted outside his establishment.

The creatures live in a pile of abandoned rubbish at the back of Trinity Apartment, and this is the second time they've been left enough litter to move into since August.

Mr Loynd said: "It’s horrible, especially when customers are coming in and saying there’s rats about.

“We've been here five months and we had the same problem before – it was cleared after council enforcement officers went down about two months ago and it's all built up again.

"After they'd been we didn't see any signs of the rats, and now they're back.

"It would definitely put me off if I was a customer - they’re on my grounds and coming in my bins.

"The last thing we want is them coming inside, so we've had to increase our pest control measures."

Mr Loynd launched the Para Café with his wife, Lauren, in June, in memory of her grandfather, WWII veteran Albert Campbell.

The business-owner has written to Primo Property Management, the company responsible for the building, giving them seven days to remove the waste before he attempts to get a small-claims case against them for the price of his pest control.

A spokeswoman for the firm said: "We're sorry that this issue has impacted on Mr Loynd's business and we understand his concern.

"We're currently working with the council and our tenants, and are doing our best to resolve the problem.

"We will also be putting new procedures in place to encourage better behaviour when it comes to waste disposal to prevent this happening again."