Dr Hilary Jones has warned that a full national lockdown is now 'highly likely' in order to control the coronavirus.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, the doctor was commenting on the current situations in France and Germany. 

He cautioned that unless stricter measures were enforced in the UK, cases will continue to go up.

In both countries tougher restrictions are being imposed, with a second lockdown starting in France on Friday and Germany being placed under a four-week partial lockdown.

Ben Shephard asked Dr Hilary about the situation in France and Germany.

He said: "Do you think Hilary, bearing in mind the situation in Germany and France, do you think it's only a matter of time before we go back into full lockdown?"

Dr Hilary said: "I'm afraid I do because we're not adequately and quickly controlling the number of cases - they're still rising.

"So yes we've put some areas into Tier 3 and the situation would be worse if we hadn't done that.

"And other areas we've still got fairly lax regulations that allow six people from different households to get together.

"That was never, in my opinion, going to be a very sensible way forward and unless we stop different households getting together, the R rate is going to increase and the situation is going to get worse.

"So I think yes we have to be more draconian and I'm sure people understand that in order to control the virus this is what has to be done."