A 'LOCKDOWN pup' in the care of Bolton Destitute Animal Shelter 'doesn't know anything' - after growing up in a back garden during peak national lockdown months.

The RSPCA reported a surge in people looking to adopt dogs during the pandemic, but puppies have not been able to properly socialise and thus have struggled to develop naturally.

Lola, an eleven-month-old whippet, is very nervous around other dogs to the point where she hides in a corner if approached, does not know what a cat is and is very greedy with food.

Now, the shelter is hoping little Lola can find her forever home, with new owners of "the loving, kind and playful pup" needing to give her "time and patience."

A spokesman for the shelter said: "Lola is very active with little or no manners but she is also very loving, kind and playful. Lola will need time and patience as she needs training in every way.

She will need to be the only pet in the home, in time with socialisation she may accept dogs into her life.

"Although she is good with kids, children eight plus only as Lola snatches food from your hand whether its on offer or not."

The RSPCA has previously said they they fear an impending dog welfare crisis could be on the horizon in 2021, as families return to normal life and may no longer be able to take care of the puppy they bought during lockdown.