A TEENAGER driving a car with no brakes crashed during a police chase.

And when Daniel Gerencser's Ford Ka hit a wall he ran off, leaving the vehicle rolling down a hill with two passengers still inside.

Bolton Crown Court heard how the police car had to deliberately collide with the damaged vehicle to bring it to a halt.

Gerencser, who only has a provisional driving licence, was spotted by police in Halliwell at 9.15pm on March 14 making "a strange manoeuvre" and heading into a car park, said Harriet Tighe, prosecuting.

When the police car followed the vehicle, which also had two male passengers on board, it turned around and accelerated away onto Shepherd Cross Street.

A seven minute chase followed during which Gerencser careered along residential streets and over speed bumps at over 50 mph and sped through a red light at the junction of Captains Clough Road and Moss Bank Way.

"The defendant's vehicle was eventually brought to a stop on Edge Lane, Horwich, where it lost control and collided into a stone wall," said Miss Tighe.

"The defendant exited the vehicle and left it rolling down a steep hill with two passengers inside. Police had to perform a tactical collision in order to push the car into the side of the road."

Gerencser was found nearby and inquiries revealed the Ka had been previously been declared off road and had no insurance.

When questioned Gerencser told police that the car's brakes were not working and during the chase he had tried to use the handbrake to slow the car down.

"At some point the handbrake also failed and so the defendant was left with no brakes and no means of stopping," said Miss Tighe.

Gerencser, aged 19, of Bashall Street represented himself in court, pleading guilty to dangerous driving and having no licence or insurance and told Judge Graeme Smith that he had been "stupid".

The judge sentenced Gerencser, who has no previous convictions, to 10 months in prison, suspended for 18 months and ordered that he be electronically tagged and subject to an 8pm to 7.30am curfew for three months.

He must also participate in 10 days of rehabilitation activities and pay £450 towards prosecution costs. A two year driving ban was imposed after which he will have to take an extended test.

Judge Smith told Gerencser: "You don't give any specific reason for your behaviour on that day other than you were going through a difficult phase in your life.

"I don't know what it is that seems to prompt, almost exclusively, young men to take such risks with driving in cars that are not roadworthy, with no full licence or insurance. We see them in this court every week of the year.

"Fortunately, in this case, no one was injured."