Bolton's pubs and bars can offer takeaways during lockdown after a government u-turn, but it is not as simple as the first time around.

According to the government's latest guidelines, alcoholic drinks must be pre-ordered online, or by phone, and can then be collected as long as customers do not enter a premises.

A number of Bolton's pubs and bars offered takeaway cans, bottles and 4-pint growlers during the first lockdown, with some looking to do the same again.

But months of uncertainty, and a three week forced closure in September have taken their toll on many businesses.

Craig Egan, co-owner of the Nook and Cranny in Bromley Cross, said months of uncertainty had taken its toll on himself and the staff, but that he hopes to offer takeaways again when more clarity is offered.

He said: "There's just nothing definite out there.

"We saw the news that we would be able to do take-outs through the media but we're still looking for confirmation about the rules from the council.

"It's a bit of a farce, the government doesn't make anything easy.

"We basically predicted the rules about take-outs would change so it was allowed.

"You can't have the supermarkets and off licences open and not pubs like ours, we are basically an off licence, we operate the same, it just didn't make sense.

"We're going to make an educated decision because we still need to be responsible to the community and we will do whatever we can to keep ticking over.

"We want to do everything we can to keep the community spirit high because the reason we set ourselves up in the first place was to be a community hub."