STOLEN cars worth hundreds of thouands of pounds have been discovered at a "highly organised" chop shop in Farnworth.

Officers discovered the operation on Tuesday, with police dogs and their handlers tracking and detaining three people involved.

Experts have identified stolen vehicles and car parts worth over £350,000, and have collected the evidence for analysis.

GMP's traffic division revealed their find yesterday afternoon, adding: "The site was a highly organised chop shop where stolen vehicles were being processed for their parts and never to be seen again."

Chop shops like this one have been busted multiple times across Bolton – with at least three other operations shut down by police this year.

A site in Great Lever, another in Daubhill, and a third in Century Mill, have all been uncovered and shut down by officers since March.

Chop shops will often strip stolen cars of all sellable parts before disposing of the unrecognisable remains.