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It turns out that people have a lot of burning questions about Bolton and have turned to Google to find the answers.

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The majority of questions surround The Bolton Wanderers and also the town’s high Covid rate.

Here are the answers to some of the most searched questions about Bolton:


How far is Bolton from Manchester?

Bolton is around 16 miles away from Manchester, which is only around thirty minute drive.

How old is Bolton?

People have lived on the moors around Bolton since the early part of the Bronze Age.

However, Bolton became a market town on January 14th 1253 when the Earl of Derby, William de Ferrers, was given permission to hold a market in Churchgate.

The Bolton News: Bolton Town HallBolton Town Hall

(Photo: Geograph/Steven Haslington)

How big is Bolton?

Bolton is one of the UKs biggest towns and as of 2018, has a population of more than 285,400.

How long is Bolton in lockdown for?

Like the rest of England, Bolton is in lockdown until December 2nd.


Where to eat in Bolton?

There are plenty of great places to eat in Bolton.

According to Trip Advisor, the best-rated place in the town is the Royal Balti House in Farnworth.

Luckily, delivery is still available at this restaurant so you can order it in lockdown.


Are Bolton Schools open?

Schools have remained open during this second lockdown.

However if there is an outbreak of coronavirus cases in a school, they may decide to close.

Are Bolton tips open?

Rubbish tips closed for the last lockdown and reopened in May- but many tips and recycling centres have stayed open during this lockdown, including Bolton’s.

However, residents have been advised to visit only if the trip is essential.


What’s Bolton famous for?

It’s hard to give just one answer to this question as our humble town is famous for a lot of things.

The Bolton News: Peter Kay (Photo: Ian West/PA)Peter Kay (Photo: Ian West/PA)

Let’s start with the famous faces that have come out of the town; Peter Kay, Amir Khan and Sara Cox and just some people who were born and bred in Bolton.

Back in the 19th century, the town made its name as one of the world’s leading cotton producers.

It’s also famous for inventing the ice cream wafer sandwich.

What’s Bolton like to live in?

This is an entirely subjective question- but in our humble opinion, Bolton is a great place to live.

It’s bursting with culture and there are even some beautiful nature spots to explore.

Earlier this year, it was even ranked as one of the most family friend places to live in England.

What is Bolton Wanderers’ nickname?

The Bolton News: University of Bolton Stadium University of Bolton Stadium

(Photo: Geograph/ Steve Daniels)

You might call the Bolton Wanderers ‘The Whites’ or ‘The Wanderers’- but they used to have another nickname.

They used to be nicknamed ‘The Trotters’ and origin of this nickname is not universally agreed on.

One story is that the team were fed trotters before a match and that the club’s base at Pike's Lane used to be situated next to a pig farm.

Another theory is that the word ‘trotter’ means ‘practical joker’ which described the jovial nature of the Boltonian players.


Can Bolton residents go on holiday?

When England was plunged back into lockdown at the start of November, holidays both inside England and abroad were banned.

However, you can still start planning your luxury getaway once lockdown restrictions ease.

Can Bolton pubs reopen?

Sadly not! Restaurants, pubs and bars had to close at the start of lockdown.

However, these premises can continue to provide food and drinks for takeaway and delivery between 5am and 10pm.

You can find more information on the government website.


Which bins shall I put out in Bolton?

We put them out every week but we still don’t know which colour bin to put out (even after taking a sneaky peek at what the neighbours have done).

You can find your next bin collection by typing your postcode into the bolton.gov.uk website.

Where is Bolton in England?

Bolton is in the North West of England, in the county of Greater Manchester.


Why is Bolton’s Covid rate so high?

At one point, Bolton had the worst coronavirus infection rates in the country.

Yasmin Qureshi, Labour MP for Bolton South East, said one reason for the high rates could be because some people in the area believed the virus was a fake.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Bolton Council's leader David Greenhalgh said the area’s high rate of coronavirus infections had been linked back to pubs in the town and a “cohort of people” who refused to follow guidance.

An example of this is the Bolton party woman who was fined £10,000 for breaching coronavirus lockdown rules.

Why Bolton University?

The Bolton News: University of BoltonUniversity of Bolton

(Photo:Geograph/ Bill Nicholls)

Bolton University has a lot to offer people who are looking to further their education.

It’s a multi-cultural university and 25% of the student body come from ethnic minority backgrounds.

In the last few years, the university has invested over £50m into its facilities to ensure you get the best education possible.

Why is Bolton not a city?

In 2011, Bolton application to become a city was rejected.

Many think that Bolton hasn’t become a city because it doesn’t have a cathedral- but this isn’t the case.

The monarchy decide which towns can become cities and grants permission based on size, population, local councils and the character of the area.