ALMOST a quarter of all patients in Royal Bolton Hospital are being treated for coronavirus.

The most recent statistics show that around one in every four people being cared for at the borough hospital have been diagnosed with coronavirus.

Bolton has one of the highest proportion of covid patients across the country, with 146 coronavirus patients on site on November 10.

The week before saw just over 13 per cent of patients being treated for covid-19 – with 82 of the 619 people in hospital diagnosed with the virus.

Rae Wheatcroft, deputy chief operating officer at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust, said: “We are continuing to see significant numbers of both covid and non-covid patients in our hospital, with large numbers being treated in intensive care, so it is essential everyone does everything they can to try to reduce the spread of the virus, adhering to national guidelines, washing their hands regularly, wearing a face covering and social distancing.

“Staff in our hospitals have worked tirelessly to try to maintain services, deliver the highest quality of healthcare to local people and ensure we have the capacity available to continue to care for and treat our patients safely.

"We would urge anyone with health concerns to come forward for help and treatment when they need it.”

Pennine Acute Hospitals Trust has reported the highest portion of coronavirus inpatients, at around 35 per cent.

As of November 10, there were 423 people needing treatment for covid-19 at the Trust's hospitals – well above the first wave peak of 262.