THE coronavirus test result of a seven-year-old girl has not been issued after more than eight days – forcing herself and her family to stay indoors without knowing if she has covid-19 or not.

Poppy Haslam, from Smithills, developed a rash on her arms and legs after coming home from school on Monday, November 9.

Concerned about the rash, her mum Donna, a practice nurse, decided that it would be best if her daughter had a coronavirus test as she knew symptoms of covid-19 are often different in children.

And the "bizarre" rash looked different to others she had seen before.

The following day, Poppy's dad Neil, 39, took her to the testing site at Mere Hall Street car park at around 12.30pm.

At present, most people who are tested are told about the results the following day, but in this case several days passed and it was still not known whether Poppy was positive.

The family followed Government advice and self-isolated, which led to a loss of income in the household.

Poppy's school and the doctors surgeries were also in daily contact as they would have to take action if she had coronavirus.

Donna has dialled 119 on a number of occasions to ask about her daughter's test result with no success.

Donna, 38, said: "We have been waiting for the results ever since November 10.

"It is very frustrating.

"I think that they have lost the results.

"We have been getting no answers about Poppy's test and losing income at the same time."

Poppy was given Piriton and cream for her rash.

Fortunately it went on Tuesday but the family must still self-isolate under the rules.

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) does not comment on individual tests but said the majority of people receive their results the next day.

The department added it is not always possible to find a missing result, and if people do not hear back within three days, the person should follow guidance on isolation.

A DHSC spokesman said: “We now have capacity to carry out more than 500,000 tests a day and over 70 per cent of people taking in person tests receive their results the following day.

“Over 36 million tests have been processed so far and the vast majority of people report no issues with NHS Test and Trace, with support available via 119 should anyone need it.”