Health Secretary Matt Hancock has said that a consistent set of rules are needed so families can enjoy 'the most important holiday for people in this country'.

Speaking on Times Radio he said there had been lots of debate about how to handle the festive period “in the age of coronavirus”.

“What we’re trying to do is ensure that we have a set of rules across the whole UK, so there’s talks going on with the devolved authorities to try and agree a common set of rules,” he said.

“…to make sure we respect the fact that we mustn’t spread the virus further but also respect the fact that Christmas is a special time where people get together, especially with their families.

“It’s about getting the balance right and allowing people to have a Christmas that undoubtedly will be different this year but still try to have that cherished Christmas with your family as much as possible.”

Mr Hancock added that the Government wanted the rules to be “consistent across the four nations of the UK” and that he had “no doubt” people would continue to respect the rules.