READERS have shared their thoughts on the possibility of households being allowed to mix over Christmas.

It has emerged that the Government is considering ways to allow people to spend time with family over the festive period.

Reports suggest that households might be allowed to mix indoors for a five-day period from Christmas Eve, and that ministers are contemplating plans to allow three or four households to form bubbles.

A five-day easing could mean a potential 25-day period of tighter measures into January if the Government follows advice from Sage (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies).

Some medical professionals have expressed fears over the harm such easing of the rules could harm vulnerable relatives.

We asked readers: "Should the government relax rules to let families spend time together at Christmas?"

And many were against the idea.

One reader said: "After all we have gone way, don't want to spend days in lockdown again next year.

"We been though it were had lockdown then easing then same deaths and admissions and falling ill so yes no easing at Christmas time.

"Take care, because nor me and many out there want to see loved ones dying."

Another added: "No. One Christmas.

"Surely the sacrifice of a family gathering is better than feeling responsible for a loved one contracting the virus.

"Ongoing lockdowns cannot be the answer going forward but mass gatherings at Christmas are plain folly.

"However I do believe that regardless of what the Government say, many families will meet up in numbers.

"Just so long as they consider the potential consequences and feel they can live with them, that will be their cross to carry."

A third reader said: "I would love to see my family on Christmas but it isn’t safe.

"The infection rate is higher now than it was in summer, so relaxing lockdown is just going to prolong restrictions.

"Would rather not see my family at Christmas than be organising their funerals."

Another reader said: "No. Did they relax lock down for people to celebrate Eid with their families? No.

"Did they relax lock down so people cloud celebrate Dawali with family? no.

"So why should the lock down be relaxed for people to spend time with family for Christmas!"

On the other side of the fence, some said they were in favour of household mixing.

"I think we should be able to see families and friends," one resident said.

"It would certainly help bring some cheer to people who have been isolated and alone for so long."

A second added: "I think after the the year we have endured the rules we have followed, yes definitely.

"Christmas is about families being together."