A SEXUAL predator from Bolton has been jailed for another eight years– even though a court could not establish the circumstances of a rape he carried out 15 years ago.

Mohammed Suman was accused of raping a 12-year-old as part of a gang attack in August 2005, where it was alleged he took her in a car, and plied her with vodka and cannabis before she was pounced on by eight men.

The 34-year-old was questioned about this after his DNA was found to match that of semen found on the clothing of the girl.

But at Minshull Street Crown Court he insisted the girl had approached him and offered sex for £5 in a park.

Suman told the court the girl had taken him to an area which resembled a “jungle” and she took the money before they had sex.

But prosecutor Iain Simkin told him: “You raped this girl as part of a group, you subjected her to a long, drugged rape?”

Suman replied: “I didn’t have any friends at that time, what people you are saying?

The court previously heard the girl, who now lives abroad and could not travel to give evidence, was troubled and ran away from home.

Mr Simkin urged Judge Peter Atherton to dismiss Suman’s version of events and accept it was a gang rape.

But defence counsel Michael Goldwater said there was not enough to prove this.

The court heard the victim’s original interview had been lost in a flood and the prosecution was relying on notes from officers.

Mr Goldwater said it would be “dangerous” to use this to find against his client.

Judge Atherton said prosecutors had been “unable to adduce evidence of associations between this defendant and those who abused and raped” the girl.

But he also said Suman’s version was “utterly unreliable” and said “I do not accept that his life over the period of two to three years after he came to this country from Bangladesh was limited in the way he described.”

The judge said the girl was "for some time adrift in a dangerous world of predatory and immoral men. I have been unable to be sure when, where and in what circumstances you raped her."

He told the court Suman was "dangerous" and a "risk to children".

Judge Atherton jailed Suman, already serving an eight-year jail term for raping a 15-year-old, for a further eight years.