A BAR and entertainment venue owner has said the industry is in 'hibernation' but remains hopeful for the future.

John Wray, who operates The Venue bar on Churchgate, warns that tougher tier restrictions will mean many places won't be able to open in December.

However, he does feel that hospitality will bounce back next year.

John said:"We almost feel as if we are in hibernation, I don't think we will be able to reopen before March next year.

"We won't be able to open in tier two nor can we function as a takeaway in tier three.

"If tier two means people can only go out in their household then that won't work, if people want to go for drinks they want to do so with their friends, not just with people the live with.

"Usually we would be having Christmas parties and events throughout December, and Boxing Day is one of our busiest days.

"We need to have clarity early on and I don't want to see a tennis match between Greater Manchester and Westminster.

"I am remaining optimistic and I am hopeful things will get back on track in the spring.