A BOLTON man is now facing jail after being convicted of raping a woman in her home.

Warren Baines has been on trial over the incident in May 2016 where he was said to have entered a woman's bedroom uninvited and ignoring repeated pleas for her to stop.

Manchester Crown Court heard the woman in question had not told police.

But she had told her daughter and some of her friends after the incident, the court was told.

It was revealed she told her counsellor, who informed Greater Manchester Police two years later.

The victim was eventually persuaded to tell the police.

Opening the case last week, prosecutor David Bentley said: "He made his way upstairs and made his way into her bedroom and forced himself on her.

"Despite protests and requests for him to stop he continued.

"He held her down and forced himself on her.

"He was very forceful with her, the complainant told him repeatedly to get off."

"It took the complainant a long time to report this to the police."

The court also heard Baines threw a puppy off the bed and the prosecutor said this demonstrated his "focus towards the complainant."

And yesterday the jury accepted this version of events and found Baines, of Crook Street in Bolton, guilty of the rape, which he had denied.

Trial judge Hilary Manley remanded 60-year-old Baines on conviction and will sentence him today at the same court.