A COUNCILLOR has criticised the Government for failing to staff Manchester’s Nightingale Hospital after it opened again during the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

This time the temporary hospital will provide beds to care for non-Covid patients

But hospitals which send patients there must provide their own staff.

Cllr Sue Haworth, Labour’s lead for health said: “Local hospitals like Bolton are informed that they must organise and provide staff to care for any Bolton patients to be admitted to Nightingale Manchester.

“There is quite rightly criticism of the government for this unclear communication in the country.”

“The true picture about the staffing arrangements for the Nightingale Hospital shows the tremendous challenge all working in and running the NHS in our area have.

“ Staff are the most precious resource in the NHS and without enough staff there cannot really be any increase in beds for patients.

“The government needs to be straight with the public about the NHS and the pandemic.”

Manchester’s Nightingale hospital has re-opened at Manchester Central Convention Complex, formerly known as the G-Mex, in April, but has been closed since the summer.

It was initially set up by officials at NHS England to provide care for hundreds of patients with Covid-19 from across the North West and to help hospitals cope with capacity issues.

Patients who are admitted do not have Covid but may need further support before they are able to finally go home.

This includes therapy and social care assessments and also could include those recovering from the virus.