A CUSTOMER was left paranoid and ‘put off’ her food after biting down on a sharp object in her chicken nuggets.

Megan Hughes had ordered a McDonald’s takeaway with her boyfriend, selecting chicken nuggets and fries.

But when Megan, who lives in Westhoughton, started her fourth nugget she noticed something sharp hurting her gums as she took a bite.

The 24-year-old spat out the foreign body, which was an off-white colour and about the length of a small finger nail.

The meal was ordered via Uber Eats on Friday November 20, from McDonald’s Ellesmere Centre, Walkden.

Megan said: “I regularly order McDonald’s and I’ve never had any problems with their food before.

“I began eating and everything seemed fine with the food, but when I bit into probably my fourth chicken nugget the was a really sharp object in there.

“At first I thought it was a tough piece of chicken, but I couldn’t bite through it at all.

“It was really sharp and it hurt my gum, I had braces when I was younger so some of my back teeth had been taken out, so my gums are exposed there.

“I spat it out, when I looked at it I had no idea what it was.”

She immediately reported the incident to Uber Eats who offered her a full refund.

Uber Eats said in their response to her complaint: “We’ve processes in place to review this type of feedback with restaurants, so your concern hasn’t gone unnoticed.”

However, when Megan didn’t hear back from McDonald’s she became concerned.

She said: “I didn’t here anything back, I just want to know what the object is, it’s incredibly sharp and it doesn’t break. I need peace of mind and reassurance over what it is.

“It left me feeling really paranoid and instantly I didn’t want to eat anything else, it put me right off the rest of my food.

“Luckily I didn’t swallow it but it’s worrying to think children who eat chicken nuggets could choke on this kind of thing.”

A spokeswoman for McDonald’s said: “We are sorry to hear about this customer’s experience on this occasion. Food safety is of the utmost importance to us and we place great emphasis on quality control, following rigorous standards to avoid any imperfections.

“In this instance, there was an error in communication between our delivery partner and restaurant team, so we were unfortunately unaware of the incident.

“Now that we are aware, we’d urge the customer in question to contact our Customer Services Team, who will be able to provide support in investigating this further.”