A JURY has heard how paranoid schizophrenic Eltiona Skana was showing no psychotic symptoms just days before she stabbed seven-year-old Emily Jones to death in Queens Park.

Community psychiatric nurse Victoria Fagan last saw 30-year-old Skana on March 11 but the visit to her home was so uneventful the she made no notes about it at the time.

Giving evidence at Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court, Miss Fagan recalled that, on the day of her visit, Skana was tidy and well-kempt and during an hour long meeting discussed plans to go to college later in the year.

Miss Fagan said Skana did not report hearing voices or having visions, claimed to be continuing to take her anti-psychotic medication and had no thoughts of harming herself or others.

"No risks were observed or reported," said Miss Fagan, who added that she was shocked when she learned what Skana had done in the park on March 22.

"We were all in shock, especially me as I had a good relationship with Eltiona. I thought she was a really nice girl. The fact she had done something so horrific was upsetting," said Miss Fagan.

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The court heard that Miss Fagan had been caring for Skana in the community since November 2018 and was concerned because a doctor had changed her anti-psychotic medication from an injection to tablets. Skana had relapsed previously when she had not taken oral medication but this time Miss Fagan said she appeared to be complying and was well.

"I thought maybe I am wrong," said Miss Fagan.

Police later found more than a month's worth of unused medication in Skana's flat and the court heard that Skana's mother was not keen on her taking it.

The jury also heard from psychiatric nurse Jonathan Pettet, a team leader at Rampton Secure Hospital where Skana is being held and who had a discussion with her after she was visited by her family on August 18.

When questioned about how she was feeling at Rampton, he said she replied: "What do you want me to do cry all the time?

"I killed someone that’s why I am here. It’s been three months. I just want to put it behind me”.

He told the jury how Skana told him she had planned her day, bought a drink and went to the park.

“It was premediated, I waited in a park and picked my victim, I did what I did then tried to run away," he claimed she said.

When questioned about why she had killed a child Skana would only state, “I was psychotic" and refused to elaborate.

"There was not much emotion at the time of discussing this with me," said Mr Pettet.

"There was not much empathy."

Skana, of Ernest Street, Bolton, has admitted manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility but denies murder.

The trial continues.