BREWERS across the country face a tough winter, as all pubs in Tier 3 areas, and pubs unable to serve food in Tier 2 areas must close.

However, people in Bolton are trying to support their local firms by buying their beer.

Liam Convey from Northern Monkey, is thankful for the supporters of the Bolton-based firm, who have been ordering their drinks from them during lockdown.

He said: "This should be the busiest time of the year for us – but we don't know where we're going to be in two weeks.

"I don't know whether I should be putting beer in kegs or casks, whether we need to order stock – we're just trying to carry on with what we're doing as best we can without second guessing ourselves.

"We have quite a good following, and some loyal customers who want to support us.

"Last week I went to a guy who had plenty of beers in – he said 'I just thought I'd buy some more because I want to support you.'

"It's been a bad yeah but it's been a good time to reflect and see just how many fans we have, there are people who have come in and said they just want to keep us open, it's nice to see that level of support."