POLICE are cracking down on bad driving after a rise in crashes, some which have proved fatal.

Traffic officers are teaming up with local police as part of Operation Portman and patrolling hotspots.

They will be speaking to drivers and taking action against those who break the highway code.

Inspector David Johnston said: ""Sadly we have seen an increase in collisions on our roads this year, some of which have had tragic consequences and resulted in the loss of life. Every death is one too many and our thoughts go out to those affected and the family and friends who have lost loved ones.

"Since October, communities in Bolton will have seen an increased police presence on our roads, with greater use of enforcement powers, alongside two successful days of action with our colleagues from the Safer Transport Unit.

"Operation Portman has been launched today as part of our long-term commitment to make our roads safer.

"A dedicated team of neighbourhood officers alongside specialist roads policing resources will be in key areas – educating pedestrians, cyclists and drivers on how to make themselves safer whilst enforcing driving standards where necessary."

This week, officers have been at Salford Road, near Cutacre, Bury New Road, Breightmet, Chorley Old Road, near Johnson Fold.

A number of drivers were spoken to with five traffic offence reports issued to speeding drivers.

A stolen van was also recovered and returned to its l owner.

A detection vehicle was mobilised to Moss Bank way for and hour and a half minutes earlier during which time police said 70 offences were recorded.