THE HAKIM Group has donated £10,000 to the maternity ward at Royal Bolton Hospital to thank staff for their hard work.

A cheque was presented to Royal Bolton Hospital on behalf of Hakim Group - a portfolio of independent opticians - by company directors Sabina and Rumana Hakim.

The £10,000 will go towards the hospital’s plans to make much-need upgrades in the maternity ward, allowing staff to have socially-distanced and well-equipped spaces in which to take their breaks.

The rooms, once refurbished, will offer a COVID secure area where staff can prepare for their shifts.

There will also be space for staff to have time out and seek support from colleagues to support their wellbeing if needed.

Sarah Skinner, Charity Manager at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust, said: “The pandemic has posed some significant challenges to maternity services; however, our dedicated staff have continued to provide high-quality, safe and compassionate care and have been an important support mechanism to new and expectant mums during these unprecedented times.

“This donation will provide a real boost to staff morale and will be a wonderful way to show our maternity staff how much their hard work is valued and appreciated.

“The donation will be a sizeable contribution towards this programme of work and the maternity staff are very grateful that the Hakim Group are supporting this initiative.”

Imran Hakim, CEO of Hakim Group, said: “Having been born and lived my whole life in Bolton, we have chosen to support the Royal Bolton Hospital as it is very close to our hearts.

“Over the recent months that have been full of turmoil for everyone, as opticians we have been fortunate in being able to take active steps to help the NHS by taking over some of the eye related pressures.

“This has helped to free up hospital staff to focus on the surge of patients during the recent past.

“This was a good opportunity for us to show our support to the NHS by contributing towards the wellbeing of the very people working on the hospital's front line, to keep us all safe and protected."